SOCKS Proxy for Accessing Papers from Uni Network

This is an alternative to using a VPN, which is nice in that it only routes your traffic from a single browser window (and works if the university VPN is down, which happens sometimes). ssh -D 8080 ws2 Then open Firefox, go to Network Settings -> Manual proxy configuration, enter SOCKS Host, Port 8080 ws2 is what I have called twist-ws02 in my SSH config. I find that a better solution is to define an alias in .zshrc (or equivalent for whichever shell you use) like alias jguprox='ssh -D 8080 -fN ws2 && /Applications/Google\\ Chrome \ --user-data-dir="$HOME/proxy-profile" \ --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:8080" && pkill ssh' Then I can simply run jguprox and it opens up a Chrome window.