photography travel

As a teenager, I was quite into photography, especially after my parents got me a Canon EOS 600D for Christmas when I was 15. Although I don’t really do so much of this at the moment, here is a collection of photos that I have taken in various places around the world.

Setting up Inverse Search with Neovim, VimTeX and Zathura

vim latex zathura

There are many reasons to write LaTeX in Vim instead of the more “traditional” LaTeX editors. Maybe you want to type long equations quickly with the help of UltiSnips, or you just want to make the most of Vim’s many features. VimTeX is a plugin for Vim (and Neovim) which allows for the easy authoring of LaTeX files using Vim, with useful features such as autocompilation, and Zathura is a minimalist, highly customisable document viewer with Vim keybindings by default.

Coffee Cup to Doughnut Animation

mathematics art

I made this animation using Blender when writing my project proposal for my Studienstiftung application.