Find and Replace

Search and replace globally: :%s/foo/bar/g

:s is the command to substitute, % means to apply within the current file, rather than just the current line, g means global, i.e. it replaces all instances, not just the first

To find and replace regex whilst keeping part of a pattern, e.g. if you want to replace #1 #2 #3 by #1 \, #2 \, #3 \n, then need to run

:s/\d/\1 \\,/g

where the brackets store the variable \d, which is accessed by \1

Side-By-Side Comparison of Two Files

vimdiff <FILE1> <FILE2>


:%norm! @a to apply macro a to all lines

VimTeX and Inverse Search

Allowing Backwards Search with VimTeX on Mac

Start vim with vim --servername <some name>

Neovim + VimTeX + Zathura

Install neovim-remote using pip3 install neovim-remote.

Set $NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=/tmp/nvimsocket in .bashrc, .zshrc, etc. for whichever shell you are using (I think Zathura takes care of this for you, but this may be necessary for other PDF viewers). Then when you start a Neovim instance, you can call commands in that Neovim session from another terminal window using e.g. nvr --remote file1 if you want to open file1.

Ensure synctex is enabled, e.g. by putting \synctex=1 in your .tex document.

In \~/.config/nvim/init.vim, put

let g:vimtex_view_method = 'zathura'
let g:latex_view_general_viewer = 'zathura'
let g:vimtex_compiler_progname = 'nvr'

In \~/.config/zathura/zathurarc, put

set synctex true
set synctex-editor-command "nvr --remote-silent +%{line} %{input}"

Then you should be able to Ctrl-Click on a part of the file in Zathura, and Neovim will go to that point in the .tex file. Note that this will only work after a change has been made to the file, i.e. it won't work if you just open the file and try to reverse search; you need to make a change and save it first.

Vim Gives an Error Message Relating to UltiSnips and Python When a Key is Pressed

Probably using vi instead of vim. Change the editor of whatever you’re doing to vim, or need to run python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade pynvim.