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As a teenager, I was quite into photography, especially after my parents got me a Canon EOS 600D for Christmas when I was 15. Although I don’t really do so much of this at the moment, here is a collection of photos that I have taken in various places around the world.

Durham Castle

Durham, England   December 2016   ƒ/4.0   1.3   28.0 mm   200

I took this photo during an early-morning walk around Durham during my second year of university. I was standing on Framwellgate Bridge, which gives a good view of both Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral. The castle itself is part of the university, with some students living in it. I visited its college bar, the Undercroft Bar, several times during my studies. It is in the actual undercroft of the castle, complete with stone walls and arches!

Natural Bridge

Springbrook National Park, Australia   September 2016   ƒ/13.0   1/8   18.0 mm   800

The Natural Bridge, in Springbrook National Park in Queensland, was formed over many years due to the force of the waterfall on the rocks below. I took this photo, as well as the others in Australia in this post, during an internship at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Dandenong Ranges Woodland

Dandenong Ranges, Australia   August 2016   ƒ/9.0   1/60   42.0 mm   200

The Dandenong Ranges lie to the east of Melbourne. I took this photo when exploring the area with my brother, having taken the train from central Melbourne to go walking for the day.

Dandenong Ranges Tree

Dandenong Ranges, Australia   August 2016   ƒ/5.6   1/60   47.0 mm   200

A close-up of a tree in a forest in the Dandenong Ranges.

Centre Place, Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia   August 2016   ƒ/5.0   1/15   18.0 mm   800

I took this picture at around 7 in the morning during a pre-breakfast walk around the city centre. Centre Place is home to many bars and restaurants, and is one of the most iconic places of the city.

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia   August 2016   ƒ/3.5   1/320   18.0 mm   800

Hosier Lane is another famous lane in the centre of Melbourne, which is known for its street art.

Gold Coast Skyline

Gold Coast, Australia   July 2016   ƒ/18.0   1/100   23.0 mm   100

This picture is taken from Currumbin, looking out over the skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise and the wider City of Gold Coast.


Southern Queensland, Australia   July 2016   ƒ/5.6   1/125   250.0 mm   100

I took this photo of a kangaroo mid-leap in some grassland near my grandparents' house in the countryside south of Brisbane.

View from Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain, Australia   July 2016   ƒ/20.0   1/15   20.0 mm   100

Tamborine Mountain is a plateau to the south of Brisbane, inland of the Gold Coast. As well as having lookouts over the wider Scenic Rim Region, there are many forest walks, as well as wineries and even a German cuckoo clock shop!


Southern Queensland, Australia   July 2016   ƒ/5.6   1/1250   250.0 mm   1600

Kookaburras are prevalant in Australia, and often have a distinctive call that sounds like a laugh.

Queensland Sunrise

Southern Queensland, Australia   June 2016   ƒ/10.0   1/15   18.0 mm   100

I was treated to this very colourful sunrise during an early-morning walk near my grandparents' house.

Edinburgh Bookshop

Edinburgh, Scotland   February 2016   ƒ/3.5   1/10   21.0 mm   100

This was taken during a day trip to Edinburgh I made with my flatmates during my first year at Durham University. There were lots of interesting antique bookshops in the city; which one this was, I unfortunately can't remember.

Sunset at Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh, England   January 2016   ƒ/20.0   1/50   32.0 mm   100

The North Norfolk Coast is one of my favourite places in the UK, perhaps even in the world. I used to go there with my family on weekends to walk our dogs, and I think it is one of the more underrated parts of the British countryside. This picture shows Happisburgh Lighthouse silhouetted against the sunset on an early evening in January, when I was at home for Christmas during my first year of university. The lighthouse itself is unfortunately located on a part of the coastline that is infamous for coastal erosion, and will most likely be in the sea alongside the village church and numerous houses (some of which have already fallen into the sea) within the 21st century.

2015 Lunar Eclipse

Norfolk, England   September 2015   ƒ/5.6   1.3   240.0 mm   1600

I got up at around 3:30 in morning of the 28th September 2015 to watch, and photograph, this impressive lunar eclipse, which coincided with a supermoon.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Canada   July 2015   ƒ/22.0   20   18.0 mm   100

In July 2015, I visited the US and Canada with my parents. As part of a road trip between Toronto and Washington, D.C., we visited Niagara Falls. I took this long exposure photo from our hotel room, which gave a spectacular view over the world-famous waterfalls.


Venice, Italy   October 2014   ƒ/5.6   1/40   55.0 mm   800

I went on a trip to Venice with my family during the autumn half term break in the final year of my A Level studies. I found these colourful chillis in a market stall in the city, and had to take of a photo of them!

Sunrise in Venice

Venice, Italy   October 2014   ƒ/13.0   1/200   24.0 mm   100

During our trip to Venice, we got up extra early one morning to see the Piazza San Marco without the crowds of tourists. We then walked over to the nearby waterfront promenade, where we saw this very pretty sunrise.

Sunset in Venice

Venice, Italy   October 2014   ƒ/11.0   1/500   55.0 mm   400

This photo shows the rooftops of Venice in the foreground of a colourful sunset.

Autumn Holly

Norfolk, England   October 2014   ƒ/3.5   1/20   18.0 mm   400

I took this photo of some holly berries during one of our usual dog walks in the farmland near Hoveton, Norfolk.

Satellite Streak

Norfolk, England   August 2014   ƒ/3.5   8   18.0 mm   3200

This long-exposure photograph of the night sky shows the streak of a satellite moving overhead.

Thunderstorm Departing

Norfolk, England   August 2014   ƒ/3.5   1/13   18.0 mm   1600

This photo, taken from the bedroom window of my parents' former house, shows a flash of lightning from a thunderstorm that passed overhead shortly before.

Cross at St Benet's Abbey

St Benet's Abbey, Norfolk, England   August 2013   ƒ/16.0   24   18.0 mm   100

St Benet's Abbey, on the River Bure in the Norfolk Broads, was a medieval monastery, of which only ruins remain. The cross marks the location of the high altar, which is surrounded by the stone ruins of the abbey. I used to come here often with my parents and brother to walk the dogs.

St Benet's Abbey Windmill

St Benet's Abbey, Norfolk, England   August 2013   ƒ/16.0   20   21.0 mm   200

This long exposure photographs shows clouds moving over the windmill that was build inside the abbey gatehouse in the 18th century.

Swallow Falls (Rhaeadr Ewynnol)

Betws-y-Coed, Wales   August 2013   ƒ/25.0   180   29.0 mm   400

Swallow Falls (known in Welsh as Rhaeadr Ewynnol), is a waterfall near Betws-y-Coed in North Wales, where I went on holiday with my parents in the summer after my GCSEs.

Sunset at the Moorings

Wroxham, Norfolk, England   July 2013   ƒ/14.0   1/100   29.0 mm   100

My parents used to have a boat, which we used to drive on the stretch of the River Bure between Coltishall, Wroxham, and Horning. I took this picture of the sky when we were at its moorings one July evening.

Sunset over Norwich

Norwich, Norfolk, England   July 2013   ƒ/16.0   1/160   23.0 mm   200

This picture was taken a little earlier in the day than the picture above, when I was in Norwich. On the left you see the roof of Castle Mall's food court (since renamed to Castle Quarter), in the centre the tower at one of the entrances to the mall, and, to the right of that, the tower of St Peter Mancroft.

Norfolk, England   June 2013   ƒ/5.6   1/2500   55.0 mm   200

Some vegetable skewers on a barbecue on a sunny June afternoon.

Norwich, Norfolk, England   June 2013   ƒ/18.0   1/125   21.0 mm   200

Norwich Castle on a sunny summer's evening.